Body Brave Consulting 

Body Brave Consulting was created in 2016 by two women who passionately believe that all people can be happier and healthier if they boldly unlearn weight loss culture lies and work toward bravely embracing their bodies.

Body Brave offers a series of trainings that provide education and information rooted in Health at Every Size® principles and body positivity. Trainings also share a new framework for approaching health and happiness.

Ani Janzen

Ani has been training since … well, let’s be honest, since she was 3 years old and her baby sister entered her world! Her lifelong love of sharing knowledge led to a professional career as a trainer for nonprofits for the last 8 years. She now applies this strength to Health at Every Size®. As a dietetics student, her passion for evidence-based nutrition information led her this counter-cultural framework. She believes everyone should have access to balanced information about weight and nutrition, increasingly important when there is a new weight loss product on the market every day.

Cat Polivoda 

Cat has a master’s degree in Training & Development and years of experience teaching in university and community college classrooms. Though confident and curvy from a young age, Cat grew increasingly conscious about social justice through her education and early career in Student Affairs. She became more formally involved with body positivity & fat activism after creating her plus-size thrift shop. Cat is the woman on a mission behind Cat Inspired who’s passion extends far beyond fatshion. She believes that loving ourselves is the greatest revolution.

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